LED linear lighting system

The LED linear lighting system is an energy-efficient , low maintenance better alternative to traditional linear fluorescent in a variety of industrial, commercial and light assembly applications.

It is the optimal solution for conventional lighting systems and also excellent for new installations. Due to it’s low installation cost, everything in one box and installtion is tool-less. It saves both time and costs when installing lighting systems. Also the LED linear lighting system is really good in terms of the low mantenance. That’s typical for LED lighting and this also keep costs low.

Item: AP-01-D
Product Name: 26W-85W Integrated Continuous Linkable LED Linear Lights System

  • Power: 26W 35W 55W 65W 85W
  • Rated Voltage: 100-277V
  • Color Temperaturre: 3000k / 4000k / 5000k / 6000k
  • Rendering Index: Ra>80
  • Dimming: 0-10V/DALI
  • Beam Angle: 30°/60°/90°/Single/Double Asymmetric
  • 3 / 5 / 7 / 8 wire trunk rail
  • Length: 0.6m 1.2m 1.5m
  • 130 lm/W
  • Warranty 5 Years 

The LED Luminaire And Trunking Rail Are Perfectly Matched To Each Other

100% seamless connection. Before linked together. 100% seamless connection. After linked together

No need for bridges, no need to purchase additional materials, no wiring, provincial construction period, installation fees, labor costs,auxiliary materials costs, ceiling decoration costs, is a cluster lighting system.


Asymmetric light distribution for LED linear lighting

Features Of 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Lights System:

  • Reusable.
  • Compact structure, elegant appearance.
  • Linkable modular design, easy end-to-end plug-in connection between trunking rail moduls.
  • 100% seamless connection without dark spot between modul units linked together.
  • Link up to 9750W on one power source, due to  150 pcs of 1437mm 65W LED linear lights  can be connected together for the trunking light system in one power source, even more.
  • 60 seconds quick installation without any tools with Easy plug installation design.
  • Low installation cost, simply splicing to complete without the additional materials for installation. At the same time, the labor costs of wiring and fixture installation are significantly reduced.
  • A three-phase circuit is preset in the track and the lamp can be individually controlled as required.
  • Dimming mode: 0-10V and DALI.
  • Emergency mode: Emergency Battery/UPS System.
  • Sensor mode: microwave sensor and daylight sensor.
  • X, L, and T standard module node connectors, linkable system to L, T and X node.
  • Mounting options: Surface mounted, chains or ropes.
  • Wide range of optics from 30° to 120° light distribution, and single or double symmetrical distribution. The special design lenses meet all your requirements of lighting applications.
  • 0.8mm aluminum housing for excellent heat dissipation.
  • Heat protection system, with excellent internal driver.
  • IES LM 79, CE, EMC, UL, ROHS, SAA are approved.
  • Fit for installation hight up to 5 meters.

Structure Of Linkable LED Linear Lights

Structure of 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System

Linkable LED linear light is also called LED linear trunking system, LED linear lighting or LED trunk light, it is very popular lighting solution for those commercial and industrial space.

The continuous-row LED linear lights system contains an integrative cable-free system called trunking rail and a LED luminaire.  It appears as a consistent continuous-row system, without any visual interruption or different reflectors. Read More

① Surface Mounted Kits / Suspension Kits
② End Cap / “一” Type Node Connector / Linear Trunking Rail (2FT / 5FT / 10FT/ 15FT), End Box / “L”,“T”,“X” Type Node Connector
③ LED Luminaire (5FT / 2FT)
④ Blank Cover (5FT/2FT)

Function Optional

⑤ Emergency Module (5FT) Sensor Module (2FT)
⑥ Track Rail Module (5FT / 2FT)

LED Luminaire Of LED Linear Lights

With specially designed lens, the LED luminaire distributes the elegant and uniform light according to different applications like 4S service center, supermarket, factories, warehouses, offices, lecture halls, play courts, gymnasium, workshops, car parks etc.

Trunking Rail For 26W-85W Linkable LED Light System

LED linear lights system contains an integrative cable-free system called trunking rail which is pre-wired within the factory and no need to lay out of the extra cables. It can greatly reduce the installation time and cost.

Front and Side of Trunking Rail for 26W-65W Linkable LED Trunking Light System


Size Of 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Lights System

tem AP-01-D-06-(3/5/7)X AP-01-D-12-(3/5/7)X AP-01-D-15-(3/5/7)X
A(mm) 577 1150 1437

Item A(mm) B(mm) C(mm)
AP-01-D-06-(3/5/7)X 582 577 584.5
AP-01-D-12-(3/5/7)X 1155 1150 1152.5
AP-01-D-15-(3/5/7)X 1442 1437 1439.5

Basic Parameter – OSRAM DRIVER / Samsung LEDs

Item Length Description Material
AP-01-D-06 3X 577mm 3 Core Trunk Rail Aluminium
AP-01-D-06 5X 577mm 5 Core Trunk Rail
AP-01-D-06 7X 577mm 7 Core Trunk Rail
AP-01-D-12 3X 1150mm 3 Core Trunk Rail Aluminium
AP-01-D-12 5X 1150mm 5 Core Trunk Rail
AP-01-D-12 7X 1150mm 7 Core Trunk Rail
AP-01-D-15 3X 1437mm 3 Core Trunk Rail Aluminium
AP-01-D-15 5X 1437mm 5 Core Trunk Rail
AP-01-D-15 7X 1437mm 7 Core Trunk Rail

Optical Lens Of 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System

With six optical lens, the LED linear lighting system can meet all the requirements to handle various tasks in industrial and commercial applications. It helps people work precisely to increase operation efficiency and triple save energy in engineering applications. It also benefits commercial area for presentation and retailing without extra reflector.

LED Sharp(30°) LED Narrow(60°)



LED Sharp Angle (30°)

The sharp-angle lens can make the light highly concentrated, focusing on the item and highlighting the item so that the customer can clearly see the item at the first time. Can also focus on the precision workbench of the production line, so that the light is concentrated on the workbench, rather than other non-important places, this can help employees work more efficiently and accurately, but also help avoid unnecessary mistakes and reduce damage to precision work.

LED Narrow Angle (60°)

The 60-degree angle is specially designed for corridors, passages, and aisles. It provides the most suitable and uniform light without causing eye discomfort due to being too bright or too dark, especially for hospital patients.

LED Wide Angle  (90°)

With a wide angle (90 degrees), multiple spaces, multiple areas can be easily illuminated, so that the entire The light distribution of the supermarkets is even, giving customers a good visual range and winning more popularity for the supermarket.

3-Loop Switch Control For LED Linear Luminaire

The three-loop function controls the lights individually by means of three switches, SW1, SW2, SW3 (on/off ). These three switches are connected to L1, L2, L3。There are different light intensity modes for your choice.  Get more information, read ”



Status 1
The lamp are on during the working time.

Status 2
Keep two-thirds of the light on during overtime

Status 3
Keep one-thirds of the light at the break time

Status 4
All the lamps are off after the duty

Application Of 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System

It is an ideal lighting system to repplace the T8/T12 fluorescent fittings and unconnectable LED linear lights, including T8/T12 LED tubes, they are very popular available for the following spaces Read More

  • Warehouse
  • Factory
  • Office
  • Supermarket
  • 4S Servie Center
  • Underground Parking Garage
  • Production Workshop
  • Railway Station
  • Museum
  • Laboratories
  • Wet Indoor Area
  • Garage
  • Workbench Area
  • Storage Area
  • Basements
  • Equipment Room
  • Parking Lot
  • Hotel
  • Home
  • Gymnasium ( Gym )
  • And so on

Node Connector For 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System

With an easy linkable installation connector and bar-units, the LED linear  lights system is able to set up to L-node, T-node and even X-node depending on actual application and illumination needs.

In the actual installation process, the node has three connection modes, and the connector is used to connect the entire lighting system. Compared with other traditional LED lights, this method will greatly solve various application problems in the installation.




Line system installation video

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